One Exciting Career to Another Marie Alvarez-Spittle

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Marie Alvarez-Spittle is a motivated woman. Over the past 12 years, she has moved from one success to the next, transitioning several times from one exciting career to another.

Each time she has turned to South Piedmont Community College to prepare her.

While earning her bachelor’s degree in sports medicine from Wingate University—which occasionally involved riding in ambulances with injured athletes—she became fascinated by the work of emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and decided that it was a job she wanted to do. That’s when she discovered South Piedmont and the program that launched her career as an EMT.

That same professional curiosity and passion for helping others led her a few years later to her next career as a firefighter and then, several years after that, her current position as an emergency room nurse.

South Piedmont was there for her to put each new goal within reach. What do all of Marie’s careers have in common? Dealing with crisis: “I wouldn’t use the term adrenaline junkie,” she said, “but I definitely enjoy the excitement.”

And Marie isn’t finished. She will soon begin working on her master’s degree with a new goal in mind. She aims to teach the next generation of nurses. Her years of experience in crisis situations, in a variety of roles, makes her a valuable nurse, and it will—someday very soon—make her a valuable teacher as well.

“Teaching will give me the opportunity to draw on my training and experience and to share it with others,” Marie said.

Michael McAllister

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